Tuesday, October 5, 2010

KITTEN HEEL. Love It or Hate It?

To be honest, although fashion bloggers and designer in the industry are saying this is it! Kitten Heels are the next big thing for this season but I personally would like to tell the world, "Kitten heels is one fugly trend!" Sorry, didn't mean to sound rude...

pic: sophistix.net

The really awful thing about kitten heels is that most women who wear them aren't tall and stately like Michelle, nor are they slim and narrow like Audrey Hepburn (Hepburn was the fashion icon who started the kitten heel trend). Kitten heels tend to make people look shorter and stumpy...IF not worn correctly and it's a really tricky trend to carry!

Not to mention, Designers including Louis Vuitton and Missoni have been strutting their stuff in the runway! While it’s undeniable that kitten heels are much more comfortable to walk in, they often get a bad reputation for being grandma-esque. Well... it’s still possible to pull them off if you keep your outfit classic and chic. But don’t ditch your favorite high heels in favor of these just yet; kitten heels are just another new style to experiment with in your wardrobe.

Lets do a little comparison, shall we?

pic: www.wow.ie


pic: media.onsugar.com

What say you???


  1. High heels are always the best although kitten heels are slowly but surely making a comeback. Kitten heels are more suitable for work or if you're going for the demure good-girl look though :)

  2. Definitely more for the working class and the girly-girls. But I guess if u get the trend right, with perhaps a more edgy design, it'll do some justice to the trend. But sky high heels will always rock my world ;)